Dr. Juan Carlos De Marco

Hi !!!

          Here I am, making real a little dream that I had, which is... having my own beer collectible´s web site.
Therefore, "welcome" to everyone and I will be expecting that you could enjoy the basis and images I am uploading permanently... to see what´s going on, and which items do I have for trading, as well.
          In this "home" page, over your right, you will find the links of brewerian and collectors Clubs that I am vinculated with, and just clicking on icons you will be forwarded to their sites.
          Enjoy my page and visit Argentina... when ?... well, in September... while we are featuring the International Convention of Breweriana and beer item´s collectors... AN EXCELENT OPORTUNITY !!!!

          By the way, all latinamerican clubs toghether are organizing the


"CERVEXPO", in October 2010, in Rosario - ARGENTINA, a MEGA SHOW that we expect to be really fantastic... Many people worldwide would be attending.

          Welcome again !!!
Dr. Juan Carlos De Marco

Representative for Ibero-America of
"Club Español de Coleccionismo Cervecero" - CELCE (Spain)

Member #361

Member of:

  • Asociación Argentina de Coleccionismo e Intercambio Cervecero - COLCER (Argentina) - #002
  • The British Beermat Collectors Society - BBCS (United Kingdom) #9201
  • Internationaler Brauereikultur - Verband e.v. - IBV (Germany)
  • Förderergemeinschaft von Brauerei - Werbemittel - Sammlern e.V. - FvB (Germany) #97134
  • Clube Gaúcho de Colecionáveis Cervejeiros - TCHERVEJA (Brazil)
  • Brewery Collectibles Club of America - BCCA (USA) #33093
  • Aluminium Bottle Canoisseurs Chapter (BCCA 169) Num.031
  • Association de Collectionneurs d`objects de Brasseries - BRASSICOL (France)
  • National Association Breweriana Advertising - NABA (USA)
  • American Breweriana Association, Inc. - ABA (USA) #6635

NEWS !!!


For those very enthusiastics collectors that love to keep items in order, I have edited two very interested catalogues.

The beer coasters Catalogue ARGENTINA 2007-2008, with 1150 images from all epoques, trade marks and materials... From industrial breweries and microbreweries, that would be updated every year.

And also the beer coasters Catalogue Brazil 2007-2008, with more than 2000 images and details for a good clasification....

Don´t miss the chance to have them and contact me by e-mail to know how to purchase them.

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